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My Decision - Privacy

Hiding your visit to this site

We understand that the content on this site is of a highly sensitive nature, and you may be concerned about someone seeing you visiting this site, or able to discover your viewing of the site at a later date using the browser's history. Below is our advice on how you can protect yourself during and after visiting this site.

Whilst using the site

We have included an exit feature on this site, which will quickly get you off the site. For this to function correctly, you will need JavaScript enabled in your browser. The button will replace the My Decision page with the BBC Homepage. It should also remove the My Decision page from your browsers back button.

This can be activated by clicking on the large "Leave" button. If you are browsing the site on a personal computer, the Escape key on your keyboard will also trigger this exit feature. Please be aware that any pop-up blockers on your computer may interfere with this functionality.

You can also close the browser window using your keyboard. On Windows press the 'Alt' and 'F4' keys, and on Apple OS press the Cmd key and 'W'.

This functionality is not present on the accessible version of this site. When viewing this, we advise you use Private Browsing, as explained below.

Private Browsing

You may wish to browse this site privately, if you are not already doing so. Modern web browsers have an option to view pages online without recording what you are viewing in your browser history. This also prevents other data from being stored, including cookies, and temporary files, when you shut the browser window. The below browsers all offer private browsing modes:

  • Chrome. Learn more about Chrome's Incognito (private browsing) mode.
  • Firefox 3.5+. Learn more about Firefox's private browsing mode.
  • Internet Explorer 8+. Learn more about IE's InPrivate Browsing.
  • Safari 2+
  • Opera 10.50+. Learn more about Opera's private browsing mode.

There are also browsers that offer a private browsing mode available to download onto your smartphone.

After visiting the site

If you are not using private browsing to view our site you may wish to clear your personal browser history once you have concluded your visit. All the sites you have visited, searches you have made in search engines (Google, Bing etc.) and your browser search bars and lots more information will all be stored in your browser. The links to the specific browser help pages should help you delete this information from your computer.

If Safety is still a concern

Even if you follow all the advice give above, it is still possible for someone to find information about your internet browsing and sites you have been visiting. If you are concerned for your safety we recommend that you access this site from a machine other than your own in a safe environment. Local libraries often offer free use of computers with internet access. You could also visit an Internet cafe or a friend's house.

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